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Hundreds, even thousands of hours are spent planning a meeting up to a year in advance. Some of your key personnel, management team, and administrative support are pulled into an ocean of material design, telephone calls, faxes, contracts, vendor selections, interaction with meeting participants about flight arrival times, accommodations, meal issues, and internal meeting after internal meeting to ensure proper orchestration of the program.

Imagine how much your company is spending on this development and administration! Imagine how much more productive your key management and personnel could be if they were focusing on their core competencies and earning valuable revenue for your organization. Why take them away from that?

Corporate Destination Services of Arizona offers a complete list of Pre-Meeting, On-Site, and Post-Meeting Administration, with just the right personnel and personalities to make it effortless for you. Have you been assigned any or all of these responsibilities in addition to your own? CDSA offers you total management of:

  • 800-number Telephone Access / Fax Access and Collection
  • Accounts Payable
  • All Hotel Documentation
  • Audio-Visual Selection and Coordination
  • Banquet, Entertainment, & Menu Selection
  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Confirmations of Participation via Fax or Email
  • Contract Negotiation for Vendors, Hotels, etc.
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing and Presentation from Surveys
  • Database Maintenance of Participants
  • Distribution of Reports to Key Vendors, Hotels, etc.
  • Graphic Design
  • Insurance Policy Collection and Verification
  • ISDN Line Coordination
  • Marketing or Meeting Theme Development
  • Meeting Promotional Material and Distribution
  • On-Line Invitations (HTML & Text)
  • On-Line Registration
  • Periodic Reporting to Key Management
  • Poster, Flyers, Hard-copy Invitations Development
  • Post-Meeting Survey and Questionnaire
  • Pre-Meeting Survey and Questionnaire
  • Printing and Production
  • Recreation and Other Fee Collection and Reporting
  • Registration Fee Collection and Reporting
  • Shipping and Receiving of Materials
  • Site Inspection and Selection
  • Theme Teasers to encourage Enthusiastic Participation
  • ....and so much more.

Based on an average group size of 100 people, when planning a 2-3-day program, below is an estimate of the hours ONE will spend putting your program together:
Research & Site Selection5 hours
Contract Negotiation, Review & Revisions3 hours
Budget Design & Updating8 hours
WEBSITE Design & UPDATING15 hours
Registration/Data Entry/rETRIEVAL8 hours
Agenda Design & Updating5 hours
Menu Selection & BEO REVIEW4 hours
Hotel Communications5 hours
Ground Transfers/Tour Operator Communications4 hours
Special Event, Decor/Entertainment Coordination10 hours
Preparation of Group Resume1 hours
Review of Arrival/Departure Manifests4 hours
Final Accounting Reconciliation10 hours
Phone Calls/Questions from Attendees8 hours
(or unlimited!!)
On-Site Staffing (2 staff for 2 days, 7a-5p)40 hours
TOTAL:130 hours
130 hours @ 40 hours/week =3.25 weeks
Can you spare OVER 3 WEEKS?
A phone call here, An EMAIL there, days spent playing phone tag....

How much of your team's time and productivity are you willing to sacrifice for your next meeting?


Contact Corporate Destination Services of Arizona today to solve your administrative burden and save you thousands of dollars in overhead. or 602-577-1588.

Our Strengths:
Destination Management • Event Planning • Incentive Travel • Meeting Planning
On-Line Registration • Site Selection • Special Events • Teambuilding

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