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Incentive programs are initiated to create beneficial opportunities for both the individual and the sponsoring company. Incentive programs are initiated to create beneficial opportunities for both the individual and the sponsoring company. A correctly designed and executed incentive program brings both together in a common effort to achieve specific objectives in just about any arena of performance. The power of incentives can be applied to any area where performance improvement is desired. Creating the proper incentive to fit the particular situation is the trick. Sales and marketing situations, human resources issues, manufacturing challenges . . . all of these can be positively impacted by proper incentive program planning.


  1. What is the purpose?
    Any objective impacted by extra effort.

  2. How will you accomplish this?
    Matching demographics and psychographics to the right award opportunities.

  3. Which incentives will get the job done?
    Finding the right awards to motivate people to accomplish your objectives.

  4. In what time frame?
    Matching program duration to required effort and anticipated results.

  5. What is the investment?
    No matter the source, or line item, no-surprise costing guarantees greater return on your incentive budgets.

Answers to these main questions lay the groundwork for accomplishing those objectives. We work with you to find the answers and build the right program.

CDSA can assist in the planning, development and orchestration of all or part of your Incentive Program.

A first-class group incentive trip fosters camaraderie and provides a forum to recognize your top achievers with plaques and public presentations. Potential challenges: It's expensive, and sometimes the travel conflicts with other commitments the participants may have.

This option allows the participants to travel when it is convenient for them. Potential changes: Winners miss out on the networking and peer recognition possibilities associated with group travel.

This type of award is available in a variety of price points that makes it easy to reward people at all performance levels. Potential challenges: Little opportunity for networking and peer recognition.

Programs that generate enthusiasm and motivation among departments or an entire workforce. Often themed, a strategic plan is implemented with periodic promotions and very visible awards presentations. Potential challenges: Management must promote the program daily and/or weekly.



For more information about having CDSA on your Incentive Planning Team,
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