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Based on an average group size of 100 people, when planning a 2-3-day program, below is an estimate of the hours ONE will spend putting your program together:
Research & Site Selection5 hours
Contract Negotiation, Review & Revisions3 hours
Budget Design & Updating8 hours
WEBSITE Design & UPDATING15 hours
Registration/Data Entry/rETRIEVAL8 hours
Agenda Design & Updating5 hours
Menu Selection & BEO REVIEW4 hours
Hotel Communications5 hours
Ground Transfers/Tour Operator Communications4 hours
Special Event, Decor/Entertainment Coordination10 hours
Preparation of Group Resume1 hours
Review of Arrival/Departure Manifests4 hours
Final Accounting Reconciliation10 hours
Phone Calls/Questions from Attendees8 hours
(or unlimited!!)
On-Site Staffing (2 staff for 2 days, 7a-5p)40 hours
TOTAL:130 hours
130 hours @ 40 hours/week =3.25 weeks
Can you spare OVER 3 WEEKS?
A phone call here, An EMAIL there, days spent playing phone tag....

Working within your budgetary guidelines, Corporate Destination Services of Arizona manages your events leaving you to manage your business.


  • Sky Harbor recommends passengers arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to their flight for US travel and 3 hours prior for international travel
  • Please check flight status with your airline before coming to the airport either to travel or pick up passengers
  • Together with laptop computers, all full-size electronic items such as video game consoles (e.g. Playstation®, X-box®, Nintendo®), full-size DVD players, CPAP breathing machines and video cameras that use video cassettes must be removed from carrying cases and placed separately in bins for X-ray screening.
  • All travelers must remove their shoes and place them on the X-ray belt when passing through the security checkpoints.
  • Driver's License or Passports Preferred ID at Checkpoints
  • Random searches of passengers and baggage are in effect at the checkpoints and boarding gates. Baggage may be tested for traces of explosives.
  • The Transportation Security Administration is advising that all lighters are prohibited past security checkpoints and onboard aircraft. As always, all lighters are banned from checked luggage.
  • Travelers may carry through the security checkpoints travel-sized toiletries (3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters or less) that fit comfortably in ONE, quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag. Remember the 3 -1 -1 rule. This means you can bring containers that are 3.4 oz. in size or less, in one clear plastic quart-size bag, and one bag per passenger.
  • Do not pack loose lithium batteries in luggage you plan to check. Electronic devices with lithium batteries installed may be placed in checked luggage. Loose lithium batteries may be placed in carry ons, but must be in plastic baggies.
  • Film should be packed in carry-on baggage only as new security equipment may harm film in checked baggage.
  • After clearing security, travelers can bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area onto an aircraft.
  • Leave gifts unwrapped until you reach your destination.
  • You must have a boarding pass before going through the checkpoint. Some airlines allow you to print a boarding pass from their web site.
  • If you have a medical condition that requires you to use or carry a needle or syringe in your carry on baggage you must also have the medication with its pharmaceutical label. If you have a medical implant that is likely to set off the metal detector, it is helpful to bring evidence verifying your medical condition.
  • Only one carry-on bag plus a personal item (such as a purse or briefcase) is allowed. Try to limit the amount of metal in your clothes and in your pockets.
  • Control all bags. Never leave bags unattended or carry anything onboard an aircraft for a stranger. Report any unattended packages or baggage to airport personnel.


Sky Harbor airport map


For more information about having CDSA on your team, please contact our offices: or 602-577-1588.

Our Strengths:
Destination Management • Event Planning • Incentive Travel • Meeting Planning
On-Line Registration • Site Selection • Special Events • Teambuilding

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